Firmware can be termed as a program which is written in the device for its functionality. Firmware needs to be updated in order to keep the product up to date. If your product is up to date, you will be able to enjoy enhanced features of your product. So in this article, we will mention the instructions for Arris firmware update. Arris firmware update is very simple. Follow the below-given steps to upgrade the firmware version of your Arris wireless router.

Arris router login

Before proceeding to Arris firmware update, we will show you how to log into your Arris wireless router. This is important because you can’t update the firmware version of your wireless router until you log into it. So follow the instructions given below to log into your Arris wireless router:

  1. Make sure your Arris router is connected to the ISP modem and the computer. Both the Arris router and ISP modem should be turned On. If the hardware connection between router and modem is improper, you won’t be able to access your wireless router.
  2. On your computer, open a web browser and enter the default IP address of your Arris wireless router into the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Now you will be directed to Arris router login page. You will see login window asking for router username and password. Enter the router username and password into the fields and click Login.

Now, if you can see the Arris router setup page, it means you have successfully logged into your Arris wireless router. Now, let’s move on to the next stage of Arris firmware update.

Updating Arris firmware version

We will show you the firmware update in two partsi.e. downloading the firmware and upgrading the firmware on the router. Follow the steps given below carefully:

  1. Download firmware version:

Enter the link into the address bar of the browser and you will be taken to Arris consumer support page from where you can download the firmware version.

NOTE: Download the firmware version and save it on the desktop. Don’t change the name of the file downloaded.

  1. Upgrading the firmware version:
  • Look for the Status tab on the Arris router setup page and select Router Upgrade from the drop-down menu.
  • Now click the browse button and choose the file to be uploaded. Select the file saved on the desktop.
  • Now the Firmware Upgrade window will appear. Click on the upgrade and then click OK to upgrade the firmware version of your Arris wireless router.

NOTE:Your Arris wireless router will get unresponsive to command for about 3 minutes.

Now, wait for your Arris router to restart to save the settings. After your router is restarted, connect to it and check the firmware version. Your router will now show you the updated version of the firmware.

 So in this article, we showed you the process for Arris firmware upgrade. We hope this article helped you to upgrade your router firmware version successfully.

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