Arris router comes with web based management page that you can use to configure your Arris wireless router. You only need a local IP address and Arris router login credentials to get into the web based configuration page of Arris wireless router. Arris wireless routers come with the responsive web interface that doesn’t need to be reset to apply settings. Arris setup is familiar to that of typical router with a web-based interface. For some routers with the Arris router login, you can use Surfboard app to setup Arris wireless router. You can download Arris Surfboard app on iOS and Android to complete the setup process. So here we explain you, how to setup your Arris wireless router.

Follow the below given instructions to successfully setup your Arris router.

  1. First and the foremost thing to do before setting up an Arris router is to get the default IP address of your Arris wireless router. This IP address is used to complete the Arris router login process to gain access to the web basedinterface of Arris router.
  2. IP address for Arris router is Launch any web browser of your choice and enter this default IP address in the address bar and click Go.
  3. Now a small login screen will pop up on your screen asking for username and password. Enter the default values in these fields. Enter “admin” for username and “password” for password field.
  4. Now click on Login and if you see Arris wireless router’s home-page, it means you have successfully logged into the router’s web-based interface.

Sometimes there happens an issue while logging into the Arris router’s web-based interface. For this we have to try resetting our Arris wireless router. Below given are the instructions on how to reset Arris wireless router.

Simply follow below given instructions and you will successfully reset your Arris wireless router:

  1. When your Arris wireless router is switched-on, simplypress the reset button, and hold it for 30 seconds.
  2. Now while holding the reset button down, unplug your Arris wireless router from the power outlet and hold the reset button for another 30 seconds.
  3. Now still hold the reset button and plug-in your Arris wireless router and turn-on your router. After doing this, you’re Arris wireless router will reset to its Factory Settings. Now it is recommended to change the username and password of your Arris wireless router to make it more secure than before.

Where is the wifi password located on my Arris router?

Arris wireless router’s login credentials, network key, everything is written on the sticker at the back of the Arris router. You can check every detail of your Arris router given on the back. IP address is also given on the back of the router.

Can’t login to my Arris router’s web interface?

We already have mentioned instructions above on how to reset the Arris wireless router. Follow those instructions and you will reset your router. This should solve your issue of logging into the web interface of Arris router and let you complete the Arris Router Login process. If this also doesn’t solve your issue, try replacing the device with the company. Your device may be defected.

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